July 5, 2009


Lantana depressa

This is a species with yellow flowers. The semi-trailing plant is sometimes used in bonsai. It is hardy and withstands any amount of pruning. The flowers as you can see are borne in attractive clusters.

When you look at the flowers from afar, they look like a cluster of roses; probably due to the shape of the leaves.

I don't know the species name of the lantana in the picture below. But of the 5 species of lantana in my garden, I love this best. I love watching the colour changes, the clusters undergo, from the time the buds appear until they wither and finally fall off the plant. The play of colours is truly intriguing. I'd like to think that I've captured all the hues you can see during the various stages of blooming, but I very much doubt it.

I also have lantana with lavender and white flowers. They are trailing plants ideal for hanging baskets.

Provides further information about these plants.

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