August 10, 2011


Also known as Mexican aster- Spiritual significance of cosmos
A native of Mexico, this plant belongs to the sunflower family. There are about 20-26 varieties.

In India, in the plains, the most common varieties found are the yellow and orange flowers. The pink and white ones are found in hill stations.

Double flowered cosmos varieties have been evolved at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, by induced mutation using X-rays. 

These plants grow up to 6 ft in height. Though most varieties are perennials, after a certain stage they become very shabby and you may want to replace them with newer plants.
The seeds scatter everywhere and you'll find baby plants just about everywhere you look. If you are not careful, they'll take over your garden.  So replace old plants when they start getting leggy and ruthlessly thin out the seedlings before they get out of control.  They start flowering 2 1/2 to 3 months from sowing.

Manuring: Not required as manuring produces excessive vegetative growth.
Location: Full sunlight or semi-shade.
Uses: Cut flower.

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